The best ways to beat roulette as a team

beat roulette as a team

Roulette is one of the oldest casino games in the world with a few hundred years to its credit. This game of chance offers the opportunity to amass a small fortune, provided you remain vigilant and know how to use the gambling strategies outlined by the most proven in this field. Moreover, Pierre Morichau proposes the reversal of Labouchère’s martingale to beat roulette as a team. Discover this method here.

The method of Labouchère’s martingale

Labouchère’s martingale consists in continuously playing the same colour. The bet doubles if it is a check. All losses are recovered when the right colour comes out. This technique is not lucrative if casinos set a ceiling on the number of bets. Moreover, it will only win you one unit since a monochrome series of ten is common. Despite the fact that the technique does not guarantee a win, the loss will be lighter.

Increasing the betting ceiling with the two-player game

To get around the maximum bet imposed by the casinos, two-player gambling is a great solution. The game works in such a way that each loss is compensated for by the technique of each partner. However, this resolution is not profitable as it will only make your team win one round. The win is divided equally between the two players.

Building a team of thirteen

Norman Leigh initiated this practice in 1966. He put together a team of twelve punters to take the wheel games to the Nice area. The book depicting this story captivates the attention of the players as the content offers very detailed explanations on this famous game of chance.

Even if some people have interpreted this story as a fictional composition, the book really reflects reality. This great team used Labouchère’s reverse martingale strategy to blow up the bank of several casinos. Unfortunately, this practice is forbidden in casinos.

Reverse Labouchère’s strategy

The initial strategy came from the politician, Henry Labouchère. He created the martingale that Leigh reversed in order to beat roulette as a team. Obviously, the player always increases his bet in case of loss in a traditional betting system. However, this method improves the casino’s odds.

In the reverse method, the game is fixed on red and black, but betting more on the colour that comes out than the other. In this case, the bet is increased when you win, instead of betting double when you lose. The player focuses on the fact that the roulette wheel does not offer as much black and red in a game.

More explicitly, Norman Leigh sets a series at the beginning of the game in a specific order. For example, let’s take the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4. The player sums the two ends, so 1 + 4 equals 5. Thus, the bettor bets 5 units on the same colour until he wins. At the moment of winning, the operation is repeated. In case the strategy fails, the extreme numbers are gradually eliminated and the bet does not double with each failure.

Finally, Reverse Labouchère’s strategy is not totally a team game on the table. So, the legend is wrong, Norman and his team didn’t break any casino rules. That said, he used the help of his gang to do the calculations. Team play is key to spotting all the tapes. This strategy is essential because there are so many draws per hour.

roulette wheel

Controlling the transverse setting in the roulette wheel

Roulette is one of the most popular games at the Casino. Since its inception, several techniques have been advanced to make every move and bet successful. Although winning at roulette seems easy with mathematics and probability, lack of judgment will cause you to lose more money than you win. Today, continue reading this section to […]

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